21 Women in 2021 – Beauty Full You!

21 Women in 2021-Beauty Full You

Women Portrait Event and Fundraiser

21 Women in 2021 – Beauty Full You!
Happy International Women’s Day to all the BEAUTY FULL women souls that are part of my life and the ones I have yet to meet!
Today is the day of my big reveal: My International Women’s Day launch that is a fundraiser for The Denise House and a portfolio building event.
***Only 21 spots available***
What it includes:
1) free consult
2) personalized makeup session with professional artist
3) portrait session (up to one hour) in studio
4) one matted 8X10 print and the matching watermarked digital for sharing on social media
5) you can purchase more photos and printed items – only buy what you love
6) a short interview where we discuss what defines you as a woman
7)your photos featured on all my medias

COST (sitting fee): $350.00

$100 from the sitting fee is going to The Denise House and 5% of the sales are going toward the fundraiser.

I have a vision for your portrait and a bunch of surprises, but they will be revealed to the women participating. Let’s just say that there will be fresh flowers, lots of fun, and some pizzazz.
You can sign up for it on this link:


I can schedule photoshoots in Durham Region, Richmond Hill, and also in Niagara Region (Ste. Catharines).

Covid-19 Ontario Lockdown

Hello everyone,

Ontario is in lockdown starting December 26th and Durham Region (where I am located) will remain until January 23rd, 2021, at least.  It is not known at this time of the lockdown will be eased afterward or not.

I am not able to conduct my photoshoots and I will resume them when we open back up.

I am still available for consults and chats.  This is a great time to start planning your photo project.  I also have headshot/business packages available so you can update your media content with me.  My most exciting package includes a photoshoot for every season (4 in total) and many other benefits.  How awesome is that?  You can sign up now and we start shooting as soon as the restrictions are eased or lifted.

Check you my contact info and let’s start planning!




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