This is my Favourite Vendors list.  I created this list because I am a big supporter of the businesses within in.  These vendors stand out by providing an excellent service, amazing products, and they are easy to work withThis exclusive VIP list entitles my clients to a special gift or service from the vendor itself.  The vendor determines your special gift and its value.  To experience your VIP privilege, you must present my business card.

Favorite Soap Vendor

Get Naked Soaps



Michelle Gamelin from Get Naked Soaps is an incredible lady. She is passionate about her work, her family, and her cats. She is quick to respond to my order requests and when I need her to prepare a special package, she goes above and beyond with her box and bow.

I love Michelle’s product because it is made from natural ingredients and it smells so nice. I wanted to provide my clients with a valuable photography experience and I have paired it up with a scented parting gift. I believe in the power of soap and photography!

Michelle started her business in 2014. She explains that this journey started when her little daughter was having skin issues and she was not able to find products that she could use on the child’s sensitive skin. She created her own soap and that is where it all started.

This is how you can reach Michelle:
[email protected]


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