Holiday Women Networking

This is a social gathering of like-minded ladies who feel they need to meet other entrepreneurs to take they business dreams to a different level. Your goal should not be to try to sell to other women, but to explain to them what you do, what your dreams are, and hopefully they can either find yourself a partner, customer or a new friend. This is the true spirit of networking.

There will be a selection from area vendors and you will have the opportunity to look at their products and maybe purchase a gift for yourself or loved ones. I am no longer accepting vendors applications.

IMPORTANT Information about the event:

1) proof of vaccination required – no exception;

2) you must be registered and ready to identify yourself at the door;

** How to ensure the success of your networking outing**

1) bring your business cards;

2) dress for success;

3) be ready to explain what you do and what you are passionate about in a minute or so;

4) roam in the room – get out of your comfort zone and meet new people;

5) schedule coffee chat with your new friends.

You are part of the success of this event. Come with an open mind and an open heart.